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What We Believe

“WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?” is the usual remark we hear from some people who have come across the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ). And we don’t blame them because it is a perfectly sound and legitimate question to ask how this Church differs from other religions.

The set of beliefs upheld by a religious organization says a lot about its true character. The religion that God deems worthy is that which adheres to His teachings written in the Holy Scriptures.

This is what distinguishes the Iglesia Ni Cristo from other religious groups. It faithfully upholds the teachings of the Bible, which lead to the right spiritual path. What follows are brief explanations of the fundamental beliefs of the Iglesia Ni Cristo as classified into these topics:

The Holy Scriptures

The Holy Spirit

The Church and Salvation

Worship of God

The Resurrection
of the Dead

One God, the Father

The Messengers of God


The Brotherhood

Judgment Day

The Lord Jesus Christ

God's Election

The Church Administration

The Christian Unity

The Holy City,
New Jerusalem