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New Era General Hospital staff receive inspiration thru special gathering


Posted: May 16, 2024

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Staff members of the New Era General Hospital (NEGH) attended a special gathering on April 24, 2024, a day after the medical institution’s 31st anniversary celebration. The special gathering was held at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Luzon Avenue, Ecclesiastical District of Central.

Officiating minister, Brother Romer D. Galang, the Overseer for Church Officers, commended the NEGH staff for their selfless service, reminding them that they are not mere employees as they are taught that their duties there is from God. He reminded them that God seeks from His servants wholehearted performance of their duties.

“I firmly believe that doing my very best in the NEGH is the way which God wills for me to be of help to the Church Administration. So I make sure that our department is able to provide to our patients quality, safe, affordable and effective medicine,” said Brother Karl Eric Pandian, ministerial worker and also the chief pharmacist of the NEGH. “Each day that I fulfill my duty, I do not waste any time, and always make sure that I complete whatever task I have been given,” he added.

Before leading the congregation in prayer, Brother Galang quoted Christ’s promise to His servants who are ready to sacrifice for the sake of obedience to God’s will—blessings in this life and that which is to come, eternal life in the Holy City.

 “There are times I get scared for my health knowing that there is a chance that I could get infected with whatever illness while working in the hospital. This was especially true during pandemic lockdowns,” shared Jerico Blancaver, from the Information Technology of the NEGH, who is tasked in documenting the events of the medical institution.

Seeing his co-workers fulfill their duties despite the health risks, Blancaver added, “I believe that we are all motivated by the same faith in working in the hospital. We treat our task here, not as a regular occupation, but as a duty from God that we must love our fellowmen as we love ourselves.” — With reports from Gem Mendoza and Reynaldo Donato