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Mountain States District’s INC Giving touches people and communities


Posted: February 26, 2024

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“The Ecclesiastical District of Mountain States remains united with the Church Administration in following God’s teaching that whenever we possibly can, we should do good to those who need it. And there’s a lot of good things that we could do within our respective community,” said Brother Lowell Nucum, supervising minister, about the recent socio-civic activities held in the said district.

Clean-up drive
On February 3, 2024, the local congregations of South Las Vegas, Henderson, and Phoenix, Arizona held simultaneous clean-up drives. Using gloves, trash bags, and other cleaning materials, the brethren cleaned the streets, alleys, and parks surrounding their respective houses of worship to maintain cleanliness of these public spaces.

Many residents within the neighborhood, including Tomasi Kivalu, noticed the brethren’s efforts that left a positive impact to them. “I saw the brethren with trash bags and stuff. So, I was encouraged to join them. I was with my kids that time and so, I want to teach them good things while they’re young,” he shared.

Dason Sarmiento, a choir member and Binhi president, from Henderson Congregation, participated in the activity because he wanted to set a good example to his fellow youth brethren. “As a youth, it’s one of the worthwhile activities that we should involve ourselves. This would help our community clean and bring awareness to others about the importance of preserving our environment,” he said.

“What a great way to spend my day off is to unite with the Church Administration for a noble cause,” said Majah Princess Maulion, a teacher, from the South Las Vegas Congregation. “I look forward participating to more activities like this.”

A representative from the Henderson City government who oversaw the event, Jerome Barela, thanked the Church Of Christ for giving positive impact to the community. He said, “Seeing the Church members, seeing the park and the area that I lived is cleaned, it’s like a huge thing already. This is something that put a positive pass and I know it will influence everybody else.”

Firefighters Appreciation Day
On the same said day, Church members in the Local Congregation of West Las Vegas, through the INC Giving project, held an Appreciation Day for firefighters of the Clark County Fire Department in Fire Station 22, which is situated along 6745 W Flamingo Road in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The brethren presented customized cards, certificates of appreciation, and gift baskets, to local firefighters as a way of expressing gratitude for their selfless dedication and sacrifice.

“Thank you for this event. As we try to do our best for the community, we also appreciate you for reaching out and helping us, and helping the entire community as well,” expressed Brandon Wright, one of the firefighters.

The brethren, on the other hand, had the opportunity to tour the fire station and explore fire trucks and other emergency vehicles, gaining a more appreciation for the crucial role first responders play in ensuring public safety.

Neighborhood Appreciation Event
The next day, on February 4, Church members in the Local Congregations of Blue DiamondCentennial Hills, and Summerlin organized a Neighborhood Appreciation activity.

Conducted in a rented facility along 1601 S Rainbow Blvd in Las Vegas, the outreach event was well-attended by the members of the community as the brethren extended invitations to the neighboring residents and various businesses.

Jannet Almazan, one of the guests, expressed, “I like what you [brethren] do for the community. That’s the reason why I came here, too. Everyone was very nice and very welcoming. It felt like home to me.”

“We wanted to make sure that there’s an outreach program that we can impart with the neighborhood … so, we invited friends and loved ones, and some of our neighbors,” said Elizabeth Lemmons, a Light of Salvation (LOS) officer from the Summerlin Congregation. “Some of the guests brought with them people that they themselves invited. It’s important to have activities like this because the neighborhood needs to know who their neighbors are and to bond as well.”

Free haircut and blood pressure check-up were made available for the guests. They were also treated with snacks as they were entertained through musical performances by the members of the Children’s Worship Service (CWS). – With reports from Ron Poblete and Princess Rosano of INC News Section