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CEBSI turns 55 years, holds special activities


Posted: March 4, 2024

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In celebration of its 55th anniversary, the Christian Era Broadcasting Service International, Inc. (CEBSI) recently held special activities, the highlight of which was the special gathering led by Brother Angelo Eraño V. Manalo, CEBSI President and CEO, on February 16, 2024.

As the religious broadcast arm of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), CEBSI, which was established on February 10, 1969, operates the INCRadio and INCTV, members of whose management, staff, and crew, among others, attended the special gathering to offer praises and thanks to the Lord God.

Kuwentong RADYO
On the very day of CEBSI’s anniversary, the INCRadio, under the guidance of its present station manager, Brother Arnel L. Solano, held a three-pronged activity at the EVM Convention Center along New Era, Quezon City, Philippines.

At the lobby of the EVMCC, a photo exhibit was set up showcasing the important milestones of the INCRadio, formerly known as DZEM, from its humble beginnings (terrestrial or normal audio broadcast) until its current advanced broadcasting (visual radio, called teleradyo in the country, and livestreaming) from its 67 satellite studios around the world.

Later that day, an Awards Night was held to recognize the top-performing programs of the INCRadio and the talents and staff members of its main studio who exemplified excellence in and dedication to their respective duties. From the main site, at the EVMCC’s Eraño G. Manalo (EGM) Hall, the entire event was streamed live on the INCRadio‘s YouTube account.

In his opening remarks, Brother Solano, expressed thanks to Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, the Executive Minister, and Brother Angelo Eraño V. Manalo, for approving the activity.

In between the presentation of awards, musical numbers were presented by talented brethren from the INCRadio, which featured stories inspired by the themes of faith, love, and hope carried by the programs it broadcast.

Brother Edwil D. Zabala, minister of the gospel, delivered the closing remarks.

INC News Awards
As part of the anniversary celebration, INCTV held, for the first time, on February 10, the INC News Awards to give recognition to those who excelled in certain aspects of news broadcast, including members of the district multimedia all over the globe.

The said event, which took place at the EVMCC’s Glicerio B. Santos (GBS) Jr. Hall, was also witnessed through videoconferencing by other brethren gathered in remote sites.

“I feel humbled, thankful, and blessed,” expressed Ericka Celestino, INC News correspondent from the Great Britain Ecclesiastical District, who received the Best Correspondent Award (Europe Category). To her the award was a sweet surprise because, “When I perform my duties, I don’t expect that anyone would notice. I am performing my task inside the Church to give honor and glory to our Almighty God.”

Chris Pugay, Best Correspondent (Asia) awardee from the South Korea Ecclesiastical District, said, “I’m so grateful to God to witness this occasion for the first time here in EVMCC. And to be recognized was an additional blessing.”

Metro Manila South District Multimedia received recognition for having the Highest Number of News Submitted (South Luzon). Nathaniel Ilago II, district multimedia director, promised “to be even more dedicated in performing his duty which is a gift from God.”

On behalf of the news anchors and program hosts, and those from the production and technical team, Brother Rex Salvador, section chief of the INC News, conveyed, “We thank our beloved Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, for entrusting the INC News in delivering the various activities of the Church to many people. We also thank Brother Angelo Eraño V. Manalo for guiding us as well.”

Special Gathering
On February 16, ministers, ministerial workers, and volunteer workers from CEBSI, together with their loved ones, gathered for a special gathering to primarily thank and praise God for His blessings and guidance to the said organization throughout the years.

Held at the house of worship of the Luzon Avenue Local CongregationCentral Ecclesiastical District, which served as the host site, the sacred occasion was also witnessed via videoconferencing by other brethren gathered in various remote sites in ecclesiastical districts in the Philippines and abroad.

In his Bible-based sermon, Brother Angelo Eraño Manalo taught the importance of active development in all aspects of the duties entrusted by God to His people and how it could be achieved. This would be possible if a member of the Church is active in obeying God’s commands written in the Bible.

Kate Russel Mabale, INC News correspondent from the Cubao Congregation, revealed that the lesson resonated well to her. “As a Church member and officer, I should be a good example to everyone especially to my fellow brethren. So, I need to make sure that my behavior reflects and confirms my relationship with God.” Mabale was recognized as the Best Live Reporter (Metro Manila) during the INC News Awards.

Zamboanga del Sur District Multimedia adviser, Brother Romy Coveta, said, “The task that was given to me by God is a manifestation of His love. Thus, I’d like to reciprocate that by being responsible and committed. May God continue to provide me the strength and qualities that I need in the performance of my duties.”

“In this world that we live in, there are so many things that may cause sadness to us. We are so thankful to God because through the guidance of the Church Administration, CEBSI has been instrumental in uplifting our well-being and morale so we can uphold our membership in the Church until the end,” said Brother Christian Gumabon, a minister of the gospel from the CEBSI Admin. – With reports from INC News Section