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6 local congregations in Makati conduct evangelical missions


Posted: April 2 2024

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Members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) from six local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Makati, Philippines conducted evangelical missions simultaneously on March 12, 2024, keeping their unity with the Church and its Administration in the intensified work of propagation.

Members of the local congregations of IbayoJacksonLower BicutanMultinationalParañaque, and Proprietarios fulfilled their duty of sharing their faith by inviting and bringing along guests to the study of God’s words held in their respective houses of worship.

The divine truth shared to the guests, through a Bible-based lesson, involved the necessity and inevitability of joining the Church Of Christ for people to be able to conduct the true worship of the one true God and, thus, receive salvation on Judgment Day.

“I learned a lot,” said one of the guests named Kristine Angela Gomez. “Before, I was very curious about the Church Of Christ and had so many questions regarding the teachings it upholds. Now many of these have been biblically answered. I was enlightened.”

The ministers of the gospel who led the Bible studies, respective of the abovementioned congregations, were brothers Samuel Solano, Reden Manansala, Adrian Yanga, Marcial Castillo, Roy Montemayor, and Gian Carlo Canicosa.- With assistance from Cherry Ann Basanes and Gilbert Corcuera of INC News Section